The Chosen “Oner”

21 May 2014, Posted by Phil Crosby in General, News, Sketchpad

“Goodfellas”, “Touch of Evil”, “Lawrence of Arabia”…”Jaws”? All these films have one (continuous) thing in common – they’re all well known for their single shot scenes, or “Oners”. This narrative tool has been used in all manner of movies and TV productions, often the calling card of…

Compulsive – Sci Fi London 48 hour short film competition.

14 Apr 2014, Posted by Keif Gwinn in Compulsive, News

Sketch In Studios have decided to enter this years SciFi London 48 Hour Film Challenge. We’re still bringing everything together, however this is the page where we will be uploading and updating on the status of the film.

A Study In After Effects

20 Mar 2014, Posted by Keif Gwinn in Friends of Sketch In, News, Sketchpad

  We are good friends of Tacit Theatre here at Sketch In Studios and have done a number of production jobs for them in the past. They’ve recently started a new show, an original adaption of ‘A Study In Scarlet’ the first Sherlock Holmes novel,…