Two sets of parents from different worlds come together for a night of forced pleasantries, but it turns out their worlds are not so different after all.

The Film

Will be released after its 2019 festival run.

Origin Story

A small project started at the ‘Kino London writing meet up’. As time passed it became a significantly bigger story and production. The cast is a testament to this.

Cast & Crew

Cast in order of Appearance

Director / Producer
Keif Gwinn

Writer / Producer / Assistant Director
Tobias Hussey

John Plant

Camera Assist & Focus Puller
Phill Crosby

2nd AD
Christina Halvorsen

Roy Gwinn

Editor & Colourist
Acelya Kancelik

Original Score
Sam Callow

Performed by
Sam, Helen & Collin Callow

Dialogue Coach & Executive Producer
Nela Hajec

Nela Hajec
Anton Skornaz

Sound Designer
Luke French

Julia Hardecka & Joe Button

Set Assistant
Miral Kriss

Hair & Makeup
Agne Didzgalvyte

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