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It’s a tricky business having fun…

The Film



Origin Story

In December 2015, we entered the 100 Hour Film Race (


To enter, you must dedicate an 4 days to make your film, from provide details, entirely from script to edit all in 100 hours. Considering our previous track record for delivering films, this was to be less of a challenge than a 48 hour project, but hopefully one that would allow us that bit more time to get our teeth into the story and scripting before shooting started. Our randomly selected details were as follows;

  • Theme: Mistaken Identity
  • Action: A character drinks through a straw
  • Prop: A Mask

We then had to work to make it all up from 1am Friday the 4th of December, to 4am Tuesday the 8th. We eventually finished and submitted the version you see above at about 10pm on Monday.

Cast & Crew

Cast in order of Appearance


Johan Barnard
Christina Halvorsen
Mark Lynch
Bob Hogue


Keif Gwinn


Ronan Steyn


Algie Gray


Roy Gwinn


Edit Assistant
Tim Kelleher


Original Score
Alexander David Norman


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